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Becoming the new you in ten weeks with André Hamann

Delightful body.
Beautiful skin.
Absolutely happy.

I’ve been keeping my weight constant for years without having to count calories or do massive amounts of exercise every day. My knowledge helps me have a healthy diet and helps me maintain my weight easily. No matter where I am. No matter how much I have to work. At AbsoluteAndre you can find out how you, too, can profit from that super simply.

Using my formula for success will let you achieve your dream body too. Make me your personal trainer. I’ll accompany you on your individual journey for ten weeks. With the right diet, effective workouts and a whole lot of fun.



Here's how

  • 10 Weeks

    For 10 weeks, I am your personal coach and get you into the shape of your life.

  • Effective workouts

    Every week you receive a training schedule with the best workouts for burning fat and building up muscle and strength.

  • Easily understood

    With me at home. You train together with me. Each week, you receive videos. I explain all of the exercises simply and clearly.

  • Enjoy eating and lose weight

    I show you what you can eat to lose weight without going hungry. Each week you receive a nutrition plan with delicious recipes, also for vegetarians.

  • My pointers, my tricks

    I give you everything I know to guide you quickly towards excellent health and your dream body.

  • There for you

    My team and I are there for you 7 days a week, be it on Facebook, Instagram, in Live Support or via email.

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